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Best Drugstore Base Coat for Instant Effect [2019]

Best drugstore base coat

A good class base coat can help you in many ways. At first, it will beautify your nails. This can give you a stylish look. Besides this, it can perfectly polish your nails. As a result, your nails will be protected from harm.

Base coat nail polish purpose:

It can save you from unwanted staining, yellowish color. The weak type nails will be healthy and harder.

The coat can give you a lovely glossy finish. It can make your nails free from rigidity.

By using this, the polish will get a plain surface. Then your polish will save it from getting streaky. It will also eliminate the unpleasant ridges. It will prevent the nail breakage as well.

Comparison Chart of Different Brands of Best Drugstore Base Coat With Editorial Ratings: 





First Base by Essie Check Now 4.9
CND Stickey Base Coat CND Stickey Base Coat Check Now 5.0
Smith & Cult Basis of Everything Nail Polish Base Coat Smith & Cult Basis of Everything Nail Polish Base Coat Check Now 4.7
Zoya Naked Manicure Base Coat Zoya Naked Manicure Base Coat Check Now 4.9
Orly Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat Check Now 4.9

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What is the base coat?

This is one kind of layering. It is a dual-side sticky tape. It binds the natural nails very effectively. It applies a dried polish that makes a barrier surface over the nails.

For any kind of coating, ingredients are necessary. These are also known as solvents. It works just like transporters. You are also needed to apply other functional chemicals. Those functional chemicals are dissolving in the solvent. The reason is, they are unable to stay in the liquid state. In most of the case, volatile solvents are used. It can evaporate quickly. Butyl acetate and ethyl acetate is also used. In the base coating, plasticizers are also applying. If you use cellulose, it will give you a strong layer of experience.

What is the basic difference between a coating and polish?

The top coat, the base coat and the polish are the mixtures of evaporating chemicals. The chemicals are solvents, cellulose, plasticizers etc. In the polish, pigments are used. The pigments affect the chemicals.
But the coating is an excellent adhesion. It is flexible and never affects the natural nails.

Why should you use a base coat? is base coat necessary?

For several reasons, you need to use this. First of all, it will extend the manicured life. It is more effective than a top cote. It is very effective on your nails. It keeps your nail chip-free. You can get a plain surface polish by this. It can prevent getting streaky and removes the ridges.

It gives your nails a stylish appearance. Using dark nail polish can make your nail yellowish. A good base coat can prevent this and you can try the deep fall colors without any tension.

But many girls skip the base coat for saving their time. Yes, it takes much time to dry and adjusted. But without a base coat, the polish will be chipping very soon. Then you have to polish it again. So it is better to use a base coat.

So you have to pick a base coat for your nails. But the product must be of good quality. In the cosmetic market, many types of nail coats are available. But your initial duty is to pick the perfect one for your desired results.
We have listed some top class base coat nail polish in our article. You can rely on these products. These products can keep your nail protected as well.

5 Best Drugstore Base Coat for Nails Reviews

  • Best Overall Base Coat: First Base by Essie
  • Best Long Lasting Base Coat: CND Stickey Base Coat
  • Best Luxury Base Coat: Smith & Cult Basis of Everything Nail Polish Base Coat
  • Best Base Coat for Discolored Nails: Zoya Naked Manicure Base Coat
  • Best Cheap Base Coat: Orly Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat

1. Best Overall Base Coat: First Base by Essie

To the glamour lover, this is an ideal name. The applying process is quite easy. The formula is superb as It takes less time for drying. The bonding is strong, and it has excellent holding power. Your manicure can stay a minimum five to seven days. This item is very durable. That’s why it is preferable to all.
It can dry very quickly. It is a quite long-lasting product. It is very excellent in preventing staining.

For some users, the formula is a little bit thin.


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2. Best Long Lasting Base Coat: CND Stickey Base Coat

This market leading item offers the fastest drying capability. After drying, it increases a good gripping power. Then it grips your polish strongly. Its tacky finish makes it more durable.


This is a long-lasting reliable item. It includes a dense brush. It’s a soft and sticky-free base coat. The packaging is very cool.


The noticeable problem is the watery formula.

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3. Best Luxury Base Coat: Smith & Cult Basis of Everything Nail Polish Base Coat

This long-lasting coat is eight-free and makes your nails a gorgeous look.
You can keep your manicure for a minimum of seven days. To prevent rigid, spot and other unwelcomed problems, it can be the best solution. The beauty experts always suggest using these types of item. That’s why I highly recommend you to own it.

The most amazing fact, of this item is- it is very durable and fight-free.

The storing process is the little bit chunky.



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4. Best Base Coat for Discolored Nails: Zoya Naked Manicure Base Coat

For damaged nails, this is an ideal cure. It actively treats the hampered nails.

To recover from acrylic, it works very effectively. Different categories of sheer gloss are used to fit the discolored nails. In case, if your nails are yellowish, then you need to apply lavender-tinted. That means for each problem, a different solution is provided. It gives a smooth surface over your nails.


  • It comes with five-free. It can stay for at least five to seven days.
  • It is moisturized.
  • The item is vegan quality.

It has no major noticeable problems.

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5. Best Cheap Base Coat: Orly Bonder Rubberized Nail Base Coat

This is a rubberized base coat. After drying, it will show the tacky finish. It will provide the user with a flexible and strong adhesion nail protection. This is the best cheap base coat for nails.

It will assure you to save from nail damage or any hazardous breakage.

For preventing nail damage, this coat is the most reliable name. It makes an attractive appearance to your nails.
Besides, it is offering you a strong service.

It is a little bit smaller than standard size.


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Best base coat for peeling nails:

Your cracking nails need special treatments. Otherwise, you cannot recover these problems.
Your nails condition will be getting worse. So the best solution is applying a base coat. But the base coat has to be premium in quality. Without a perfect base coat, it is impossible to get the desired result.
The above items are perfect in quality and class. You may apply this to solve your problem.

To make your nails stylish as well as strong, a good base coat plays a vital role. So use the best base coat to make your nails fashionable and damage-free.

You can follow the FDA guideline for better implementation.

How to Apply Nail Base Coat: