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5 Best Airbrush Tanning Solution – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Best Airbrush Tanning SolutionWe spend a lot of time under the Sun, after tanning. Cause, it helps to blend this solution quickly and evenly as well.

But the Sun rays also have a vast number of side effects.

Especially the UV rays are quite harmful to our human body. Even it can cause severe skin cancer.

That’s why makeup artist and beauty experts offer you something new.

Yes! I am talking about airbrush tan.

And now a day, this product is available everywhere.

The best airbrush tanning solution can provide you huge advantages. It is quite different and unique from conventional tan products.

But its pointed feature is, it is a sunless product. You can apply it to your own home.

The process is comparatively more comfortable and faster like tanning oil for fair skins.

However, which airbrush tanning are the best and reliable?


Different manufacturers are generating these products. That’s why it is variable in size, color, and flavor.

But in this content, we will show you which items are more effective and user-friendly. Here you will get a distinctive review of top 5 airbrush tan solution.

(With a buying guide)

Now, take a close look and get an initial idea about the following exclusive models. Check out our tanning goggles reviews for better products.

5 Best Airbrush Tanning Solution Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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5 Best Airbrush Tanning Solution Reviews:

  • Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – Dark, 1 Liter
  • Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – One Hour Rapid, 8 fl.oz.
  • Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Liquid, Darker Formula, 32 oz
  • Spray Tan Solution – SJOLIE No. 9 – Medium/Dark Blend (32oz)
  • Ultra One – One Hour Spray Tan Solution – All Natural (8oz) (best self-tanner for fair skin)

1. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – Dark, 1 Liter:

 Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution - Dark, 1 LiterAbout the item:

Norvell is a compatible item, and it is suitable for all types of natural skin.

For a beach look, this product is highly effective, and you will enjoy its super durability. It can last at least 5 to 7 days.
Moreover, this solution is pretty simple to use.

This product is quite safe for the human body as well as the environment. Cause, it is free from artificial fragrance and harmful chemical substances.

It includes refined natural elements. Its key ingredients are:

A. Aloe vera
B. Green tea
C. Vitamin C
D. Vitamin E
E. Coconut oil

All of these materials are highly advantageous for our body membrane. It helps to improve blood circulation and hydrates properly.

This solution beautifully works with your base color and provide you a natural beach look. And its active DHA property ensures we spray tan formula.

You will get fast and even blending. Also, it has excellent absorbency. It can repair the damaged cell and gives proper hydration.

Overall, to get a darker look for an extended time, this high-quality tan solution is the perfect option for you. You will love its ease of application.


1. Its DHA formula actives 2 to 4 hours later (After applying)
2. Do not shower at least 7 to 8 hours (after application)
3. Use it within seven months after production. (See the expire date)


A. High effective
B. Good absorbency
C. Beautiful shade
D. Dumps properly
E. Ideal for self-tanning


Limited lifespan

Product details:

A. Size: 34 Oz
B. Product Dimensions: 3.5 inches x 3.5 inches x 9 inches
C. Item weight: 2.3 pounds
D. Shipping Weight: 2.8 pounds
F. UPC: 604103494461 890108909288 884430910081 602288672148 812512004113 887373150934
G. Model number: NA

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2. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – One Hour Rapid, 8 fl.oz.:

Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution - One Hour Rapid, 8 fl.oz.About the item:

To enjoy tanning effect to the next level this product is the best option for you. Here you will enjoy a bunch of advantages. The best part is this professional spray is applicable for all types of body skins.

Even you can use it for sensitive skin, but better to consult with a doctor before applying.

This premium product can blend quickly. Within 1 or 2 hours, you will get a light shade. After a couple of hours later, you will get the full bronzy effect.

And it will last up to 5 days.

Moreover, this solution comes with a pleasant smell. But there is no artificial fragrance or preservatives.

It contains Natural oils, seed oil, almond, amino acid, and food extract. That’s why you will get perfect dumping. These elements improve the skin softens and provides an appealing glow.

That means this tan product delivers convenience result and boosts up rapid development.

Everyone can apply to this beautiful product. Cause, it is highly compatible. And it is free from itching or redness problem.


A. For light bronze: 1 hour
B. For medium bronze: 2 hours
C. Darker bronze: 3 hours
D. This item is mainly designed for HVLP system
E. Avoid bating at least 10 hours after applying it
F. The cosmetic bronzer will wash away after the first shower.
G. Concern about its expiry date


A. Economical item
B. Reliable service
C. Simple application
D. Includes quality ingredients
E. No chance of skin cancer


A. Less durable
B. DHA activation takes a bit time

Product details:

A. Size: 8 oz.
B. Product Dimensions: 7 inches x 1.8 inches x 1.8 inches
C. Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces
E. UPC: 890116213186 812512003581 879488158349

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3. Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Liquid, Darker Formula, 32 oz:

Fake Bake Instant Self Tanning Liquid, Darker Formula, 32 ozAbout the item:

Fake bake airbrush is a 100% vegan product. This company concern about your hygienic issue. Also, it is safe enough for our environment.

It includes organic and thoroughly ingredients only. The active elements are:

A. Sheel extract
B. Chamomile
C. Calendula
D. Aloe vera
E. Coconut cream

Also, it includes a rich amount of natural enzymes to recover the dead cells properly.

This formula restores your damaged and affected the skin. Also, you will get adequate miniaturization. As a result, you do not require additional spa therapy.

Even, you can apply it in your facial area, and this is used both for men and women.

Also, it includes a certain amount of DMI and Erythrulose. These two components help to get quick delivery and make the tan effect longer.

Another feature is this self-tanning lotion is quite simple to apply and an ideal option for indoor tanning.

And you will enjoy a streak-free tan. Comparatively the process is less expensive and time-saving.


A. Avoid bathing and swimming at least 10 hours after applying the solution.
B. Concern about expire date and manual instruction
C. Use proper protection while using it


A. Vegan product
B. streak-free formula
C. Universal application
D. Ensures long-lasting effect and durable tanning session (Lasts at least 5 to 7 days)
E. Improves skin elasticity


It blends evenly but takes time

Product details:

A. Color: Medium
B. Shipping Weight: 8.6 ounces
D. UPC: 669909633841
E. Model number: SG_B078RDH4P2_US

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4. Spray Tan Solution – SJOLIE No. 9 – Medium/Dark Blend (32oz):

Spray Tan Solution - SJOLIE No. 9 - Medium/Dark Blend (32oz)About the item:

If you prefer an organic airbrush tan; this item is perfect for you. It contains a high-amount of aloe vera gel and other natural refined substances.

The included active DHA confirms the most profound and fastest penetration. Moreover, it provides a quick and effective blending.
Also, it hydrates your skin and makes it smoother and softer. Yes! You can use this product as a daily moisturizer.

It regenerates the affected skin cell and gives a shiny glow. Moreover, you will love its fastest and super effective blending capability that ensures the even shade for a longer time.

Another exciting fact is it never turns orange shade, and it can tan faster. Overall, this solution is reliable for everyone. . Its regular use will provide a natural skin tone forever.


A. Avoid bathing, running, and swimming after applying it (At least 8 hours)
B. Wear protective outfits


A. Active DHA
B. Quality finish
C. Trustable
D. It can make dark fast and gives the gold dark
E.Protects you from sun damage



Product details:

A. Product Dimensions: 3.2 inches x 3.2 inches x 9 inches
B. Shipping Weight: 2.3 pounds
D. UPC: 616316353251

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5. Ultra One – One Hour Spray Tan Solution – All Natural (8oz) (best self-tanner for fair skin):

Ultra One - One Hour Spray Tan Solution - All Natural (8oz) (best self-tanner for fair skin)About the item:

Ultra One Hour Spray Tan Solution works for all skin types!

Sjolie Sunless works for the maximum types of skin. It proves you quick and easy blending feature. Also, it absorbing power and damping capability is fantastic.

Its natural elements help to build up the skin cell and improve blood circulation. Within one hour, you will get a minimum bronzy effect.

And after a couple of hours later, you will see the darker glow.
This model is quite safe and hygienic. Cause, it is free from paraben, gluten, and other toxic substance.

Even, you do not get any artificial scent on this solution.

In general: this tan product is ideal for HVLP system and simple to apply.

Product details:

A. Size: 8oz
B. Product Dimensions: 2 inches x 2 inches x 6.2 inches
C. Shipping Weight: 12 ounces


A. Wear eye goggles, noise filter, and lip bum for ultimate protection
B. Use a quality tan bed.

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Process of applying:

Follow the given step to make a solid finish.

Step 1:

Clean your entire body. Take a bath (if necessary). Then wipe it properly.

Step 2:

Make sure your body is dry and prepare for the next process.

Step 3:

Wear protective outfits. Take a quality eyeglass and nose filter. Cover your head with a hat.

Step 4:

In this stage, you can apply the solution. But take the required amount of mixture. And let it absorb completely.

More tips during the tanning process:

A. Wear loose-fitting clothes
B. Keep your body hydrated
C. Try to avoid sweating

Buying guide:

Focus on the following facts:

A. Make sure it can blend powerfully.
B. It must have skin hydrating and regenerating capability
C. Inspect the ingredients. Prefer the vegan products
D. Also, check its price, user review, and effectiveness

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Q: Can I use the spa after tanning?

A: You should not use it after airbrush tanning. Cause, after its proper application, you get the same benefit that you want from spa therapy.

Q: How to make safe tanning?

A: Must wear protective items. Mainly focus on eye areas take quality goggles and nose filters.

After that apply a certain amount of solution through the spray tanning machine and wait for an even blending.

Q: Is the airbrush tanning harmful?

A: If you can pick the quality product and use it correctly; this will never give you any side effect.

The best part is the airbrush tanning is simple, especially for the newbie and gives the fastest result.

Q: How durable this solution is?

A: Gradually, it can last 5 to 7 days.

What is the lavish tan?

A: The lavish tan refers to 100 % vegan and organic tanning that is free from all kinds of harsh ingredients, especially paraben.

This types of product are highly trustable for the super sensitive skin, because, you are getting a darker effect without the use of chemicals!

Final Words:

Enjoy the summer on a lovely beach. And spice up this enjoyment with tanning.

This beautiful art gives your body a unique bronzy look.
But taking the correct item and perfect utilization is necessary to avoid any side effects.

That’s why to rely on our reviewed goods and give your body an appealing look.