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Best Self Tanner for Pregnancy

Everyone wants a perfect tan. It is difficult to get the bronze glow ideally. Tanning under the sun is harmful, as your skin is exposed to the harmful UV rays for hours. For pregnant women, it becomes much more dangerous. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t get tanned because you are pregnant. Also, using a tanning booth is also not recommended if you are pregnant. Then what to do? Well, self-tanner is more preferable nowadays. It is safer to use; as self-tanner doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Most of the self-tanners have DHA or dihydroxyacetone in them. These are approved by the FDA. This chemical reacts with the outer layer of your skin cell and turns them brown. Just like, apple turns brown if you put it out in the air. You can find plenty of self tanners in the market. Some of these are safer to use while pregnant. We have listed a few well-rated self-tanners which are entirely safe for pregnant women. 

Is self tanner safe?

DHA is the primary ingredient in self tanners. This is an FDA approved ingredient and safe for pregnant women. DHA or dihydroxyacetone only reacts with the outer layer of your skin. It bronzes your skin without penetrating deep into your skin cells. This is safe to use unless you inhale it or it went into your eyes. For pregnant women, it’s better to use self tanners that are in a lotion or mousse form. For safety, avoid spray tans as they can be inhaled. 

Best Self Tanners for Pregnancy

We have made a list of self tanners that are safe to use while being pregnant.

1.Self Tanner Instant Ultra Dark

This tanner has all organic ingredients. There is no chemical used in this product; any skin type can use this product. This tanner looks natural and gives a darker tan. Even though it provides a darker tan, but it won’t look fake.

This self tanner is safe to use on pregnancy. Make sure your skin doesn’t have any dark spots, or your spots will go on darker. It also moisturizes, hydrates, and revitalizes your skin. It will make your face look smooth and sleek. This is a cruelty-free product.


  • Gives you tan without any streaks and blotches.
  • Gives you much darker tan.
  • The tan will develop in a few hours.
  • It hydrates and nourishes your skin.


  • This product is pricey. 

2.Tanceuticals Self Tanner – CC Self Tanning Lotion

This tanner will give you a natural and glowing tan. It is made with natural ingredients only. There is no harmful ingredient and safe for pregnancy. The tanner not only tan but also repairs your skin.

This formula is designed to moisturize your skin. This lotion blends and dries quickly. It is effortless to use. This tanner is one of the bestselling self-tanners. This product includes healthy items like; Acai berry, mango butter, and vitamins. It improves the quality and appearance of your skin.


  • This has a buildable formula. You can select how much darker shade you want.
  • It nourishes your skin.
  • Repairs your skin.
  • It contains natural rich ingredients.
  • It contains a sweet smell.


  • It has a tinted texture, so it needs time to show the true color.

3. GOLDEN STAR BEAUTY Self Tanner – Sunless Tanning Oil

This tanning oil is made with pure and natural items. Organic oils like jojoba, macadamia, avocado oils are used in this oil. It also has hyaluronic acid and intense moisturizers.

This is a vegan product and cruelty-free item. This clear oil dries in your skin evenly and gives a stunning bronze tan. There is no fake tan smell, and it provides even tanning in your body. The is no stickiness, and the tan will fade out evenly. Your skin will look like it got a natural suntan.

This formula is suitable for all skin types. There is no side –effects and can be used during pregnancy. This is also easy to apply. You can achieve your perfect tanned body in no time.


  • It doesn’t stain your clothes.
  • It dries quickly.
  • Nonsticky formula.
  • The formula feels weightless on the skin.


  • The color takes 24 hours to develop entirely.
  • This product is pricey.

4.Beauty By Earth Face Self Tanner

This is a popular self tanner from Beauty by. This is safe for pregnant women. It works well and does to transfer to the clothes. This tanner takes 30 minutes to dry completely.  You can put on clothes after 30 minutes. The color will get darker as time goes. After 6 hours, you will get the final color. This tanner will give you a gradual sun-kissed glow without any sunburn, streaks, blotches, and dark spots. This tanner doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. So you don’t have to worry about skin damage, skin cancer.


  • Cruelty-free item.
  • It can be used in both face and body.
  • It is made with all-natural ingredients.
  • It has a mild pleasant smell.
  • It provides gradual tan.


  • For sensitive people, the smell can be intense.
  • The tanner takes 30 minutes to dry, that is too long. 

5.St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mist

This is a paraben-free and sulfate-free item. The formula is lightweight and gives even tan in your body. The formula is long-lasting and will stay for a few weeks. It gives you a natural look. One great thing is, it fades out evenly.

It doesn’t look fake. It dries quickly on the skin. After 1 hour you can get a beautiful tan. After 3 hours it will get darkest. It gives a streak-free and nonsticky feeling. You can apply this daily and build up a much darker shade.


  • Lightweight formula.
  • It has a nonsticky texture.
  • It doesn’t leave any streaks.


  • The fragrance of this tanner is strong. 

6.Miami Gorgeous LaPlaya Clear Self Tanner Sunless Tanning Water Self Tanning Mousse

This amazing tanner from Miami Gorgeous is organic. There is no chemical ingredient in it. That makes it totally safe for pregnant ladies. It is safe for pregnancy as it contains natural oil and vitamins that are good for your skin.

This tanner has a smooth texture and blends with your skin effortlessly. It gives a silky finish to your skin. This tanner is so soft and smooth to the skin that; you don’t need to apply moisturizer after putting the tanner. It has a clear formula that dries fast and doesn’t transfer. 


  • It is made with natural ingredients.
  • Natural oils and vitamins nourish your skin.
  • It feels smooth and silky when you apply.
  • It gives a natural sun tanned glow.
  • Dries down quickly.


  • The scent is intense.
  • It might react on sensitive skin. Do a patch test before applying. 

7.Organitan Sunless Skin Tanning Treatment, Skin & Body Lotion

This is the safest and simple sun tanning treatment. Organitan will give you a natural suntan. This will need a few minutes to dry. The tan will stay for a long time. For weeks you don’t have to re-apply.

This formula is tested and doesn’t cause any side-effects. This product is made with organic ingredients and safe to use. You can use it easily. There won’t be any blotch and patches. The tan will look smooth and natural. This item is also in your budget. 


  • Low price.
  • Spreads evenly on skin.
  • It is made with organic items.


  • It can feel dry on skin.

8.Skinerals Premium Self Tanning Set

This tanner is also safe for pregnancy. This formula focuses on minerals. It helps to restore and protect your skin. The minerals will improve cell growth and will give your skin a healthy glow. It has a lightweight formula that doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. It dries on your skin fast, and all skin types can use it. This product won’t break you out or cause any other skin issues. You can use it on both the face and body.


  • Lightweight formula.
  • It restores your skin.
  • It makes your skin smooth and silky.
  • It also protects your skin.


  • The smell of this tanner feels heavy. 

9.Christian Dior Dior Bronze Self-Tanning Jelly Gradual Sublime Glow Face

The silky-smooth formula will give you a beautiful bronze tan. This doesn’t have any tanner smell, so sensitive people can also use it. This tanner is suitable for all skin types. But the best result, exfoliate your skin before applying the tanner. It gives a natural tan, so it won’t look like you have used a tanner. It has a jelly texture, so blends easily and dries out fast. You don’t have to wait for it to dry down. One issue is that Dior is a luxury brand, and this item is expensive. You have to pay a lot to buy this item, but the product is worth every penny.


  • The smell is not intense.
  • It gives a natural tan.
  • This tanner works great on oily skin.


  • This product is expensive.
  • It might feel dry on the skin. 

10. Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel

This tanner is safe for pregnant women. It gives a golden bronze to your skin. This tanner has an oil-free formula. It provides a smooth and streak-free tan. The tanner will dry quickly, and you don’t have to wait for too long.

You can use the tanner regularly and can build up the color. It will result is darker tan. If you just want a soft suntan glow, then use it occasionally. This product won’t break you out. The tan is long-lasting and will stay for a long time. 


  • Nongreasy formula.
  • This won’t cause breakouts.
  • The tan will stay for a long time.


  • The smell of this tanner is very intense. 
  • This item is pricey.

My Thoughts

These listed items are all organic and don’t contain any chemicals. These are dermatologist testes and can be used while pregnant. My favorite self tanner among these is the Golden Star Tanning Oil. You can get tanning products in many formats.

Tanning oils are natural to use and better for getting even tan. This tanning oil from Golden Star has some high-quality ingredient which will protect your skin. They nourish and hydrate your skin. Hyaluronic acids are like a blessing to dry skin. It hydrates your skin from inside.

Another feature I like about this oil is it dries quickly and doesn’t feel sticky on your body. It has a weightless formula that blends smoothly to your skin. It also dries quickly and gives you a darker tan. You can even use it every 2/3 days to get a deeper tan.

All-natural ingredients ensure that your skin doesn’t get harm from tanning. This tanning oil is entirely safe to use. There are no side effects of using this item. Though the price is a bit high, you will get a good quality item.