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5 Best Spray Tan Machine to use – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

best spray tan machineOlive skin is many girls choice. They want to make their skin darker and improve their appearance.

Usually, the bronze type color gives the skin a tough look. To give tanning over the skin can improve the skin condition.

It provides an elegant posture. Tanning enhances beauty. This is also a skin protector. It saves the body from the Sunburn like the tan spray lotions.

The sun is a significant threat to all types of skin. Especially the sensitive skins are a great sufferer. The sun can damage the skin color.

Sometimes, it creates an uneven shade. Even it is responsible for skin cancer. Spray tan solutions are a life saver here. Always go for the best at home spray tan machines for a better result.

5 Best Spray Tan Machine Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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5 Best Spray Tan Machine Reviews:

1. Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN:

Maxi-Mist Lite Plus HVLP Sunless Spray Tanning KIT Tent Machine Airbrush Tan Maximist BRWN
The item is a salon quality item. This model is designed to use at home. The innovative design makes it a trustable solution for sunless tanning.

It includes a carrying bag with kits. The bag is big enough storage to hold the item and other utensils. As the weight is light, you can transport it easily.

But the most remarkable benefit is here you will get a professional spray gun that makes your tanning more flexible and interesting also.

(This machine follows the advanced HVLP technology)

Also, it includes a flexible hose and you can run it with low pressure.  Its run time and life time is quite satisfactory.

It has gunstorage and beginner friendly.

About the product:

  • The product is available in pink color.
  • The pattern is both horizontal and vertical. The Teflon needle prevents clogging and corrosion. It is a non-stick needle.
  • The trigger controls the operation.
  • The turbine rotor is durable and creates less tolerable noise.
  • The cup design is a conical and wide base.
  • The product achieved may certificates and awards for the safe solution.
  • The solution is organic. It has no toxic and harmful chemical.
  • This is a gluten-free safe product.


The most satisfactory fact, it is organic. No, there is no chance of any harm or danger. It is also suitable for any sensitive skin. The clogging-free and noiseless performance gives the user ultimate satisfaction.


It has a limited color choice. The instruction is described shortly.
In general, it is amicable for every type of skin.

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2. Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit with Tanning Solution Pack & Black Tent:

Black Fascination FX Spray Tanning Kit with Tanning Solution Pack & Black TentThis is a lightweight mobile machine. It is a great friend of beginners. Even you can use it for your professional purpose.

The performance is awesome. The quiet compressor gives a noiseless operation.

The unique characteristics like adjustable spray patterns make it a desirable brand.

Its a great tanning equipment for professional salon. Works well with the spray tanning tent. They have turbine motor with flexible hose.

About the product:

This offers an ergonomic handle. The high quality spray cab is long-lasting. It is offering you a pH balanced spray machine. The flitter is flexible to clean.

It can control the trigger. So it never overspray. It gives a smooth even spray over the body eith vitamins and antioxidants.

It is a high volume and low consumption home spray tanning machine which provides fine mist. You can use it in your tanning booth.

Pros and cons:
The product is fantastic in performance. It is very flexible to use and maintain. The problem is the twinge gun applicator is made of plastic. But the air flow is great.

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3. Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System:

Ultra Pro T85-QC High-Performance Sunless Turbine Spray Tanning System

This is a professional mobile spray tan machine and highly effective item. The HVLP mechanism makes the work effortless in sunbed.

The item is very lightweight. So you can call it a portable mini piece.

Its provided compressor maintains the HVLP turbine technology to maintain the constant result. Even you can regulate the speed limit for its advanced auto-controlling feature.

It includes a long air hose and a large accessories kit. This includes additional cups,washers, siphones, and lids. It is great for a mobile tanning business.


The positive thing is, it is flexible. The included DVD is very informative. It provides you tanning accessories and tanning solution.

Another good thing is all of its parts are high in quality. The integrated motor, compressor with turbine facility, flexible hose, and the professional spray gun make the object remarkable effective and adorable to the end-users.


The item is a little bit noisy.

Except for its sound, it is a great tanning product. Even the beginner can deal with it.

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4. Fascination Spray Tanning Kit Machine with Airbrush Tanning Solution (Pink):

Fascination Spray Tanning Kit Machine with Airbrush Tanning Solution (Pink)

The item is ensuring you an even painting over the skin. The entire thing is straightforward to carry.

It is easy to clean and comfortable to maintain. The including tanning solution is harmless and attractive.

The item is very innovative in design. It is suitable for home using. This is also perfect for professional activities.

The solution cup is huge, and the airbrush spray gun machine is mighty. It does not come with any manual guide or instruction. But it is easy to operate. Hopefully, you can get your expected result.


Three tanning solution and the user is flexible. It is providing hose facility along with the professional spray. The remarkable fact is it is very affordable. The fuel control knob is great.

(You will love its ease of use)


The tent and manual guide are missing.

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5. Aura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Airbrush Tanning Solution and Professional Black Tanning TentAura Allure Spray Tan Machine Kit with Norvell Sunless Airbrush Tanning Solution and Professional Black Tanning Tent

This product has a push-button control which makes it very easy to operate. There is also an apparatus to keep the noise level low.

You can adjust the spray pattern according to your likings.
You will even get a free solution to practice. This helps a lot if you are new to tanning.

The product is easy to clean and takes limited space. The power cord is great.

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Everyone wants to spend a wonderful sea beach vacation. Playing any sport in the daytime is indeed an exciting thing.

But in the summertime, you need to take extra care of your skin. In this time, tanning can be a better option. Besides a stylish look, your skin will remain safe.

The problem is tanning is not a cheap thing. It is costly if you do it in the Parlor. On the other hand, it is necessary both for health and for beauty. One way you can save your cost.

The best part is there is no chance of overspray! You can maintain the pressure, volume and other facts without any effort.

Yes! This brand maintain the HVLP feature, because, its included hose, nozzles, spray gun are quite flexible and excellent in quality.

You can do tanning yourself. You can do it in your home. Just arrange the essential accessories and do it yourself. In this way, you can save your cost and time.

Another advantage is its convenient size (You can carry it with a small bag)

How does it work?

The tanning is carried out by a spray gun. By pressing the trigger, you will paint your body. The sprays are varying in quality. Their operating system is also different. But most of the case, the basic is the same.

Your primary duty is to collect a perfect type of spray nozzle. The gun nozzle gasket is very important. To get a good item, at first inspect the market leading item.

The reliable products are most of the time the top selling products. So you can consider those items. To minimize your effort, we are expressing the best products.

Those are market-dominating. Those are also the expert`s top choice. In the below, we are representing their features and beautiful facilities.

Spray Tan device pros:

Tans helps you in several ways. At first, it gives your skin an elegant appearance. It gives you an individual look. On the other hand, it acts as a cover.

It protects your membrane from the most dangerous ultraviolet rays.
The UV is responsible for cancer and other diseases. So by using this, you can keep yourself safe.

It can hide your unpleasant body spot and gives a better look. Try to get one that has a natural filter.

What are the pre-buying considerations?

Remember, a useful item can help you a lot. On the other hand, a classless piece does the opposite. So you need to be aware. The awareness is essential before buying.

At first, check that it has no toxic components. It should be HVHP. That means it should have quick speed and powerful operation capability.

Try to get a noise-free product. It will be better if you can get a portable one. You should avoid the too much-overheating item. But you can tolerate the noise, overheating and overspray if it is within a limited level.


Never use makeup when applying the tanning. You have to cover the head. You also need to keep your eyes safe.

It will be safer if you use any glass. You need to spray it correctly. The faulty operation is the waste of the money and also the waste of the time.

Is a spray tan business profitable?

A spray tan gun is very helpful for home use. It is a time and cost-saving tool. Even you can apply it as your professional purpose. Yes, it can be you’re a significant investment.

Some devices are versatile in use. For business purpose, you need to depend on a mobile, lightweight item. Then you can give a better service to the beauty seekers.

For home use and business, for skin care and safety, a good tan machine is your ideal solution. My final suggestion is to take a perfect tan spray. Our best spray tan machine reviews will help you to get the proper one.