5 Best Tan Spray Lotion Reviews [2021] - Glamor and Glow

5 Best Tan Spray Lotion Reviews [2021]

Best Tan Spray Lotion

We all want a body with a golden tan, giving us summer vibes, don’t we? An excellent option to get a flawless glow in your body is to have a suntan.

But with all the pollution and harmful UV rays, most people don’t feel under the sun. Tan spray can give you an easy solution to this problem.

You don’t need to spend hours under the sun. It can provide airbrush tanning without the sun.

The most valuable benefit you can get from the tan spray is that it won’t have any temporary change in your skin, plus no damage.

With UV rays, our skin is exposed to wrinkles, rashes, and even skin cancer.

UV rays penetrate your skin and cause long term damage to your skin. You can check the lotions for black skin reviews as well.

Where spray tan only changes the outer layer of your skin. These products use natural sugar to improve skin color like the best tanning solutions.

Plus, they also have ingredients that moisturize your skin and gives a healthy glow.

So in this article, we will find out which tan spray lotion is the best for you. This is different than spray tan solutions.

5 Best Tan Spray Lotions Comparison Chart

6 Best Tan Spray Lotions Reviews [2021]

  • Norvell Dark Premium Sunless Solution
  • SJOLIE No. 9 – Medium/Dark Blend
  • Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self-Tanner/Bronzing Spray
  • Self-Tanner with Tanning Mitt – Sunless Tanning Lotion w/Hyaluronic Acid & Organic Oils Gradual Body Bronzer for Light or Medium Tan
  • Aussie Bronze 12% Dark Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning Solution
  • L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist Deep Natural Tan

1. Norvell Dark Premium Sunless Solution 

Norvell Dark Premium Sunless Solution

Norvell has a balanced combination of Vitamins and antioxidants. The micronutrient technology gives a healthy and natural glow to your skin.

This method makes it an exceptional product available in the market. Your skin will look healthy and will provide natural radiant.

The DHA will react with the amino acids of your skin and will make it go darker. Though this reaction produces an unpleasant odor, this item has a raspberry and almond scent to it.

The DHA will lock the moisture into your skin. The whole tanning process will need only 2 to 4 hours. The lasting power is impressive too. You can easily have the tan for 7 to 10 days.

(You can use it both outside and in tanning bed)


  • It has a pleasant smell.
  • It gives a natural finish to your skin.
  • The process takes less time.


  • The shelf life is shallow.
  • After using this solution, you can’t take a shower or bath for at least 8 hours.
  • This is an expensive product.

2. SJOLIE No. 9 – Medium/Dark Blend

SJOLIE No. 9 - Medium/Dark Blend

This is the no. 1 selling spray tan product. Even lots of celebrity-endorsed it. It has aloe Vera in it, that helps DHA to go deeper into your skin.

Hence you can get a longer-lasting and evenly spread tan. Aloe Vera also helps to last your tan for extra days.

This product has all-natural and certified vegan ingredients. The DHA will start to go deeper into your skin after 4 hours of applying.

So don’t use water in your skin to have a better result. This spray tan won’t give you a streaky or orange tan.

It will provide you a rich tone every time you use it. You just need to spray once.

Overall, this natural looking tan is perfect for the maximum skin type. There is no chance of skin damage, sunburn, and other issues.


  • It gives a natural bronze glow.
  • Aloe Vera gives you extra moisture to your skin.
  • This product has an all-natural ingredient.
  • Paraben-Free.


  • Suitable for Pale people.
  • It has a runny texture.
  • Takes a little longer to dry.
  • It can have an itchy feeling to sensitive skin people.

3. Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self-Tanner/Bronzing Spray

Body Drench Quick Tan Instant Self-Tanner/Bronzing Spray

This is simply salon type tanning quality in a bottle. It gives a sun-kissed glow. You need a tiny amount of time to get self-tanner naturally.

This spray has a 360° nozzle that helps to spray the product evenly. It takes only 3 to 5 hours to get the perfect bronze glow to your skin.

This high-quality tanning spray gives a natural look that will last for an extended time.

The price is also in your reach and has excellent quality in comparison with the price. The packaging is very user-friendly.

Its regular use will provide an appealing sun-kissed glow.


  • The price is low in comparison with the quality.
  • The packaging is suitable for beginners.
  • It will give you a natural bronze glow.
  • A dependable self-tanning lotion


  • Spray only once; multiple sprays can get you darker tan.
  • Sometimes the nozzle can be blocked, so shake before applying.
  • Not to be used for light tanning.

4. Self-Tanner with Tanning Mitt – Sunless Tanning Lotion w/Hyaluronic Acid & Organic Oils Gradual Body Bronzer for Light or Medium Tan

Self-Tanner with Tanning Mitt - Sunless Tanning Lotion w/Hyaluronic Acid & Organic Oils Gradual Body Bronzer for Light or Medium Tan

You can get a flawless application quickly, no matter if you are a beginner or pro. Use the mitt following the instruction that comes with the bottle.

This self- tanner has different natural oils like jojoba oil, argan oil, and olive oil. These oils will lock the moisture in your skin and will give a silky texture.

The other ingredients in this product are Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera, and intense moisturizers. You don’t have to worry about skin cancer, anti-aging, and sunburn with this premium self-tanner product.

This product ensures that you get a luxurious golden bronze with no chemical smell. This tanning spray is suitable for people of all skin types.

No matter if you have very pale skin or medium skin tone, this will gradually give you perfect suntan. Plus, it won’t clog your pores.

Overall, to get the natural glow and a long term effect this tan accelerator is remarkably beneficial. You will love its ease of application and the ultra-durable effect.


  • It comes with a mitten that you can use for even application.
  • This item consists of natural oils.
  • Have luxurious ingredients that make is more exclusive.
  • Suitable for different skin toned people.
  • Very moisturizing.
  • An ideal self-tanner


  • The price is a bit high.
  • It Doesn’t have SPF.
  • It doesn’t come with a color guide. So carefully spray while you self- tan.
  • The tan will fade away if you swim on the chlorinated pool.

5. Aussie Bronze 12% Dark Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning Solution

Aussie Bronze 12% Dark Sunless Airbrush Spray Tanning Solution

This item is made with natural and organic elements. You can apply it with professional spray equipment or mitten.

Extra dark bronzer gives a 12% extra dark tone. This is paraben-free, gluten-free. This item has a pleasant smell.

The scent is like cantaloupe lemon zest and formulated and shipped from Tampa Bay. This product is 100% vegan.

Apart from it’s a rich volume of active natural ingredients, you will also love its decent scent. Another crucial point is its simple applying formula along with the instant result.

This is an excellent choice for people who wants a darker tan. You need to use this product carefully, as the color of this spray is very intense.

Its integrated airbrush spray and other bonus feature make it one of the most dependable self-tanner. Yes! Here you will enjoy a simple applying formula.

Apply lightly or have a shower before applying. It has Macadamia seed oil and vegetable-based glycerin for deep moisturizing. Hence, it extends the tan with a smooth texture.


  • It has luxury ingredients and gives a salon type tan.
  • This is a vegan and paraben-free product.
  • Gives extra moisture to your skin.
  • Has a citrusy smell.
  • Recommended for the sensitive skins


  • The price is high.
  • You need to use carefully as the product has an intense color density.
  • Not for beginners.

6. L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist Deep Natural Tan

L'Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist Deep Natural Tan

Tanning mist gives a streak-free sunless tan. The unique thing about this item is the packaging.

It has an angled applicator, which helps to spray evenly. The ultra-even application will give you a natural-looking tan.

It dries quickly and provides a salon-like tanning airbrush look. This product is easy to apply and can be used with lotions, sprays, serum.

You don’t need to expose your skin in the sun to get the beautiful sun-kissed glow. Try to use it with sublime bronze self- tanning Towelettes for a natural-looking tan.


  • Gives airbrush finish
  • It doesn’t streak color.
  • The packaging is unique and easy to use.
  • It needs only 2-4 hours to develop.
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ensures instant result


  • It doesn’t cover acne spots.
  • Check the nozzle before you start spraying.
  • It doesn’t fade evenly.

Different methods of Sunless Tanning

Today we have a bunch of solutions to your tanning options. There is airbrush tanning, spray tanning, tanning beds, etc.

We will focus on Tan Spray lotion, in particular, in this article. But first, take a look at what are these different types of sunless tanning methods.

Airbrush Tanning:

This is performed in tanning salons. A technician will handle the entire method. You will just explain how much dark tan you want, how the coverage will it be.

The best part of this method is you can customize it quickly, and an expert person will handle this matter.

Spray Tan:

This is performed in a booth, where you will find options. The machine will give you color guides, and you can get a suitable choice color for your tan solution.

Then the booth will be filled with fumes. Both airbrush and spray tans use DHA, which interacts with the upper layer of your skin.

By selecting the option of your choice will give you a darker complexion.

Tanning Lotion:

In this method, you will choose a lotion of your choice from the market. You have to apply on your own in your body.

You can use a tanning bed and give yourself a darker complexion.

Benefits of Spray Tan Lotion

Spray tans are an effortless and natural-looking tan that you get. Tanning aims to look natural. By spray tan, you can get perfect darker skin with even tone. Here are some of the critical facts of choosing spray tans:

  • It uses all-natural ingredients.
  • It doesn’t penetrate your skin. It will only interact with the upper layer.
  • There will be no streaking effect on your skin. It will give you an even look.
  • It gives a natural, radiant look.
  • The application process is straightforward. Beginners can try to achieve a suntan quickly.
  • It will take care of the skin too. There are additional natural ingredients that nourish your skin and give a smooth feeling.

What is the fake tan?

Typically, the fake tanning is applied with the presence of dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This DHA is a special type of active ingredient that directly reacts with the dead skin cells to make a temporary color effect over the body layer.

The effect lasts longer and comparatively the process is risk-proof.


So here were a few of the popular spray tans of 2020. My personal favorite is Self-Tanner – Sunless Tanning Oil, Organic Spray Tan w/Hyaluronic Acid.

What makes it different is, it has quite a few luxurious items in it. Plus, glycerin and hyaluronic acid give an extra dose of moisture to your skin.

It provides a radiant-looking natural tan that everybody loves. You can even use it in winter. Just spray a little and rub in self-tanning oil.