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5 Best Tanning Beds – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Best Tanning BedsToday, I will share you a list of best tanning beds with a distinctive review.

Usually, this item is quite helpful to prevent sun explore. Also, it gives ultimate comfort and makes the tanning process relatively comfortable.

Indoor tanning lotions can be a good solution for these. Also use, best tanning goggles. Best tanning bed bulbs will give you excellent result.

So let’s take a closer look:

5 Best Tanning Beds Comparison Chart [2020]: 

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5 Best Tanning Beds Reviews

  • Solar Storm 24S- Pride yourself with the Best Tanning Experience
  • Solar Wave 16- Make it Easier on the Pocket
  • Solar Storm 24 R- Enjoy the Most Powerful Tanning Experience
  • Sunfire 16
  • Sunfire 16 Deluxe

1. Solar Storm 24S- Pride yourself with the Best Tanning Experience:

Solar Storm 24S- Pride yourself with the Best Tanning ExperienceAbout the item:

To carry out commercial tanning at your home, this product is highly recommended. The best point is this model comes with a long run time and a long life time also.

This model ensures you ionic comfort with optimal reliability. You will like its high-efficient power output.

Comparatively, this one is 30 % larger than a tanning surface area.


1. You will get 24 lamps
2. Larger surface
3. Resilient aluminum frame
4. Even finish



Key features:

1. 78 by 34 inches surface
2. 12 wolf output lamps
3. Six face and arm lamps
4. Acrylic sheets
5. 110 volts circuit

Product Review:

This device delivers excellent efficiently within a limited time. Cause, it comes out a powerful lamp. It sets on the right place to cover both the top and bottom area.

The significant feature is its accurate dimension and large surface area.

The bed is extremely durable and stable. It is consists of a resilient aluminum frame that comes with a lifetime guarantee.

Another noticeable character is this model is an ideal option for indoor tanning. Here you can ensure the ultimate eye protection and all the safety features.

There is no possibilities of skin damages or injuries.

Also, it includes high-performing acrylic sheets.

Definitely, it will be a significant investment if you get this.

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2. Solar Wave 16- Make it Easier on the Pocket:

About the item:

The best thing is Solar is available in a limited budget. And its setting is quite simple.

You will like its compact design and incredible durability.

Here you will get a bunch of high-tech features. The most pointed fact is its super quality lamp and the easy operating system.

This bed powerfully emit the uvb rays and ensures a constant blood flow.


1. Affordable
2. Usable with Regular power output
3. Simple assembly
4. Durable
5. Compact
6. Flexible grip


Not suitable for tall guys

Key features:

1. 16 efficient output lamps
2. 110 Volts dedicated circuit
3. Aluminum frame
4. Tunnel shape

Product Review:

You will get a quality service within a modest investment. Yes, it is quite affordable than its competitors. But you will enjoy a good tanning experience.

The object is pretty luxurious and comes with a friendly operating system. You will like its flexible handle and the larger surface.

I think this is perfect both for outdoor and residential tanning. And its design is ideal for limited space.

Moreover, you can use it for a durable period. Cause, its resilient aluminum frame extended its life span and reliability as well.

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3. Solar Storm 24 R- Enjoy the Most Powerful Tanning Experience:

About the item:

Solar storm presents a vast number of features and confirms a durable service. This model is one of the most profound tan beds in the market.


1. Spacious interior
2. Powerful
3. Durable
4. Easy to clean
5. Spacious
6. Comfortable


Not formulated for 110 volts output

Key Features:

1. 220 Volts dedicated circuit
2. Tunnel shape
3. 12 Wolff output lamps
4. Aluminum frame
5. Acrylic sheets
6. Lifetime warranty

Product Review:

This fantastic bed offers a larger surface. And this object is simple to use. You will enjoy its comfortable gripping.

It can work smoothly and delivers the fastest work. Moreover, it can save a certain amount of energy and extra effort.

You will get even finish, and this object is adjustable both in indoor and outdoor space. Cause, it comes with an accurate dimension, and its frame is exceptionally resilient.

Also, you will get a high-quality lamp attachment, and this model ensures a quality performance always.

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4. Sunfire 16:

Sunfire 16About the item:

Sunfire is another excellent item. This object is quite simple to maintain, and you will like its flexible use.


1. User-friendly
2. Cooling mechanism
3. Regular power output


Not perfect for tall people

Key features:

1. 110 Volts dedicated circuit
2. 16 lamps
3. Sturdy aluminum
4. Steel frame
5. Decorative base
6. 81 inches x 39 inches large tanning surface

Product Review:

This tanning bed delivers outstanding performance and ensures ultimate durability. Moreover, it is one of the best user-friendly beds.

It offers you a comfortable gripping facility and more abundant surface. And its installation is quite straight-forward and time-saving.

You will get a high-tech power output. Overall, this item is an ideal option for every tanner.

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5. Sunfire 16 Deluxe:

Sunfire 16 DeluxeAbout the item:

It’s the most significant feature it offers you duel delight set. Also, the company concern about your health safety and comfort as well.


1. Secure device
2. Powerful cooling mechanism
3. Regular power output
4. Simple operating process


Not comfortable for tall people

Key Features:

1. 110 Volts dedicated circuit
2. 16 lamps
3. Steel frame
4. Pre-assembled
5. 81 inches x 36 inches tanning surface

Product Review:

The most beautiful part is the full tanning surface. Furthermore, you will get a fast operating process. Even its storing and maintenance is simple enough.

You will get up to 96 percent pre-assembled facility.

Another fact is threes is no chance of an overheating problem.

That means the tool is quite safe and reliable of every user.

And you will get in-built cooling property.

In general: this device is highly effective and perfect for a quality tan.

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Outdoor vs. Indoor tanning:

You can get your body tan, usually in two ways. These are indoor and outdoor tan. Both of these methods comes with several benefits. Also, these have some limitation.

Based on your skin type and weather condition, you can choose any of these two processes.

Outdoor tanning is more enjoyable. But if you cannot tolerate excess sun heat, then I suggest you the indoor process.

Also, this method is preferable the people who have a busy lifestyle.

Tanning Beds Categories:

The most common beds are:
1. High-Pressure Beds
2. Low-Pressure Tanning Beds
3. Tanning Booth

More tips for proper safety:

1. Use a perfect tanning lotion
2. Wear protective goggles
3. Do not use oil in a tan bed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How does a tanning bed work?

A tanning bed (also known as a sunbed) is a special type of machine that generates artificial tanning. The best factor is this device imitates the UV radiation and ensures skin safety.

On the other hand, it helps to get a golden color over your skin in the fastest way.

Q: How to get tan faster on a tanning bed?

A: In this case, a quality tanning bed is the first requirement. Moreover, you have to concern about lamp quality.

You should focus on its length, wattage, velocity and the power output as well.

Another Important factor is exfoliating your skin before the tan. It ensures the fastest absorption with the even finish.

Q: Should I use sunscreen in the tanning bed?

A: No! While on tanning bed you do not need to worry about sun protection, because, a quality bed can properly emit the horrific rays.

Wrapping up:

For safe and comfortable tan experience, a tanning bed is highly advantageous. But never buy too cheap items.

Yes, at the initial stage, you should invest a bit. But you can enjoy the service for a more extended period.

That’s why we consider our reviewed goods and give your body a brown, golden look.