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5 Best Tanning Goggles – Reviews and Buying Guide [2021]

Best Tanning Goggles - Reviews

Make sure you are protecting your eyes while you are on a tanning bed. Yes, many people ignore this point.

In this is a stage, you have a chance of damaging your eyes.

(If you do not use protective outfit)

Cause, here you should face a wide range of sun rays and also the tan products have some particular radiation.

These can directly attack your eyes. But quality goggles block the chance of this accident. Best tanning beds will also help. Check the tanning bed bulb reviews for better results.

And in this content, I share the best tanning goggles. You can also check the indoor tanning lotion for men reviews for top-performing products.

(To realize you its importance and necessity)

5 Best Tanning Goggles Comparison Chart: 

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5 Best Tanning Goggles Reviews:

  • Super Sunnies: 12-pack Flexible Super Sunnies, UV Eye Protection
  • Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair
  • Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs
  • Igoggles Sunbed Goggles Tanning 12 Pair
  • Tanning Bed Eyewear SUNSETS Google protection

1. Super Sunnies: 12-pack Flexible Super Sunnies, UV Eye Protection:

Super Sunnies: 12-pack Flexible Super Sunnies, UV Eye Protection

About the item:

This FDA approved model is quite popular and reliable to the end users. Cause, this model confirms quality performance with optimal durability.

It comes with variable colors and exclusive features.

Key Features:

This item comes in a pack of twelve. And you will get four color options. These are:

A. Blue
B. Pink
C. Purple
D. Black

You will enjoy a transparent view, and it is pretty comfortable too wear. Cause, its frame is soft and lightweight.

It comes in a beautiful package and flexible too store.

It can powerfully block the harmful sun rays, dust, dirt, and toxic particles. This way, you will get the ultimate safety and comfort as well.


A. Economical product
B. Keep away from UVB and UVA rays (99%)
C. Includes green lens for additional protection
D. Highly elastic
E. Perfect for raccoon eyes


Not suitable for chubby face

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2. Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair:

Peepers Sunbed Tanning Goggles 6 Pair

About the item:

The remarkable fact is it comes with six pairs in every box. Also, you will get a couple of exclusive properties.

Key Features:

This model has a big-rise nose bridge. That’s why the lotion cannot end up across your nose.

And this model maintains the FDA standards and confirms user safety. Its frame is pretty soft and smooth. Also, it is quite light in weight.

As a result; users get comfort to wear it.

You will get multiple color options. The most common are:

A. Black
B. Charcoal
C. Red
D. Navy

You will get the most transparent view. Also, it comes with the aesthetic appearance and fits for the maximum tanners.


A. You will like its economical pack
B. Reduce the white patch
C. Nose bridge
D. Excellent bed eyewear


Too light

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3. Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs:

Wink Ease ultra gold 50 Pairs

About the item:

This glass conforms your ultimate protection. And it has a unique look.

This model is mainly generated with UVB blocking material.

Also, it can block a vast range of UVA rays.

Key Features:

First of all, you will like its exclusive design. This model comes with easy fitting and pretty compatible.

Its frame is quite resilient but smooth to wear. It can cover up the entire eye area.

For its resilient construction, you can use it for a more extended period. Another exciting part is it is a versatile item.

Yes, you can use it for traveling, riding, and welding purposes.

Overall, this glass is highly reliable, user-friendly, and ensures optimal durability.


A. Economical value
B. UVA and UVB protective
C. Ensures ray protection


No nose bridge

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4. Igoggles Sunbed Goggles Tanning 12 Pair:

About the item:

These goggles come in a sleek design with a transparent view. Let’s see its key features.

Key Features:

First of all, you will like its powerful UV rays protecting capability. Also, it saves your eyes from dust particles.

This item is pretty comfortable to use. You will like its resilient design and exceptional durability.

Moreover, it includes a high-rise bridge for nose cover. This model maintains the FDA requirements and ensures user safety and reliability as well.

Overall, this glass is suitable both for indoor and outdoor tanning.


A. Ensures UVA and UVB protection
B. Maintains FDA regulations
C. Durable
D. Usable for every tanning bed



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5. Tanning Bed Eyewear SUNSETS Google protection:

About the item:

This item is perfect for horizontal tannin. Also, you will get an easy string feature. Apart from its safety issue, you will also love its appealing design and the compatible application.  Moreover, the item is quite comfortable to wear and here you will get a bunch of color options.

Key Features:

This model powerfully prevents the possibility of white patching. Also, it bocks the sunrays and otter dust particles.

The product is merely adjustable, and it can hold comfortably. For this perfect fitting, it becomes trendy to every tanner.

And you will get the following shades:

A. Purple
B. Red
C. Blue
D. Green


A. Offers random colors
B. Suitable for the short tanning session
C. Perfect for indoor tanning
D. Blocks ultraviolet rays


Single pair

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Tips and Tricks to get the perfect item:

Yes, getting the ideal product is no complicated task. Just follow the given task.

A. Consider your look:

What does your face shape look like? Is it oval or rectangular?
Based on these criteria, you should pick your glass. Here color is a significant fact too.

Get the perfect color that matches with your face.

B. Dimension:

After choosing the color, makes sure that the glass fits for you. It should cover your entire eye areas entirely.

That means its size should be perfect and adjustable for you.

C. FDA approval:

FDA is a standard organization. This well-known organization regulates eyewear standards. Make sure that your selected item maintains its requirement and criterion correctly.

D. Durability:

It should be long-lasting. Check its raw materials, frame, and other body parts. Ensure that it is consist of resilient substances.

Also, check the price, users review, warranty period, and market condition.


Yes, it may look a bit odd. But you will get the following benefits.

A. This item blocks the UV rays and foreign dust
B. It prevents the irritation problem
C. Prevents the lotion to connect to your eye areas.
D. You can keep safe from eye cancer

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can I close my eyes during tanning without wearing the goggles?

A: At first you have to realize how horrific the sun rays are! Especially the UVA and the UVB rays are the most dangerous rays that badly hampers your entire eye areas. 

That means during tanning you must wear high-protective goggles. 

Q: What are the types of tanning goggles?

A: Typically, the tanning goggles come in three types. 

  • Soft Pod goggles
  • Strapped goggles
  • Adhesive goggles

Q: How to protect raccoon eyes while tanning?

A: In this case, you should use disposable goggles, and make sure that it can cover the entire eye areas perfectly. Another hack is using an elastic band to hold the glasses properly.   

Final verdict:

Tanning is an art, a passion that gives your body an appealing look. We always appreciate this passion.

But we also concern about your safety.

That’s why our recommendation is using the required protective outfit while on tanning.

We notice that eyeglasses are essential things for this purpose.
And in this review, we provide the best goggles to ensure your eye safety and comfort.