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How to clean Hair Clipper in Under 30 min [With Videos]

Hair ClippersNow a day, the electric clippers are getting popular with the users. It is one of the most used material in salon, parlor and also at home.

This is used both for business purpose and for personal use.

The Clippers comes to contact with skin and scalp. Generally, the skin contains germs and bacteria. These are very harmful.

These harmful bacteria also connect with the clipper. As a result, your clipper becomes unsafe and unsanitary.

An unsafe and contaminated clipper is responsible for many serious diseases. So, better know how to clean the clipper properly. Use the best flat iron and keep them clean.

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3 major problems from an unclean clipper:

  •  First of all, it is the barrier to many harmful diseases.
  •  You may face skin cancer.
  • The germs destroy the machine`s durability. Then the device becomes ineffective.

To be safe from this danger, you have to be aware. A specific time later, you need to clean it and remove the germs. Most of the users claim that cleaning is the most tedious task.

They think it is quite tricky. Yes, they are right in their perspective. But I can give you a different experience.

To keep my clipper germ-free, I searched the expert`s guide and opinion. Finally, I discovered a simple way to maintain my trimming device.

I think it is the most straightforward technique to eliminate germs from a trimmer.

If you are searching the easiest way to clean-up your clipper, you can consider my discovered technique. In the below, I shortly expressed the process of clean-up. Read the instruction carefully then apply it step by step.

The easiest way of clipper-cleaning:

1. Unplug the machine and remove the batteries:

At first, you have to remove all the cells from this item. Then make sure that this gadget is unplugged.

2. Separate the blade:

For effective cleaning, you need to detach the blade from the main body. Generally, the edge has more dirt and bacteria.

3. Washing:

Now, it is time to wash the blade. You can use any soft brush or old clean cloth. You can use coconut oil or grease but never use water.

Some people use vinegar. Another option is to clean clipper blades with alcohol. I do not recommend those.

I suggest pure coconut oil (homemade clipper blade wash). This oil is comparatively more effective than any other ingredients.

You can use the best pomade for thick hair ot get a good wash.

4. Drying:

After applying oil, let it dry. A few minutes are enough to make it dry. You can use best hair dryer for curly hair with diffuser if you want better result.

5. Blade reattaching:

It is the final process. Now, you have to attach the blade again. Put all the batteries and plug it for further use.

Clipper blade cleaner ingredients:

Pro Hacks:

Using the alcohol is the crucial hack to wash the clipper blades with the simplest way. Yes! The sufficient amount of alcohol and a few drop of vinegar solution make a strong cleanser.

You can directly rub it over the blades to remove the greasy effect, dirt and the corrosion. Besides the ultimate cleaning this solution makes the clipper smoother and sharper than ever!

In this case, you can use a tooth brush. Even a dry cotton ball is good enough.

(The entire process is quite simple and takes a few minutes only)

This step is also applicable to clean a beard trimmer.

How often should you clean it?

I am very strict in this. Many people advice to clean it on alternative days or two days later or even seven days later! Yes, you may think my opinion is too much extreme; but for a pure life, you have to maintain it.

I also recommend you to keep a personal trimmer; never share it with others. In the market, many quality clippers are available at a reasonable price.

Use best edge control for 4c hair for longevity.


Pick a classy clipper, clean it correctly that I explained. I think now you know how to clean a hair clipper.

Your adequate maintenance will increase the gadget`s longevity as well as your health.