How to Get a Darker Tan Fast [2020] - Glamor and Glow

How to Get a Darker Tan Fast [2020]

How to get a darker tan

Tanning is a viral trend to make your boy a glossy look.

You can apply it:

  • To make your skin shiny.
  • To give your skin a bronzy appearance.
  • Tanning can save your body surface. It could be a great skin protector.

Overall, tanning can intensify your skin beauty with adequate safety.

Tanning is a fashion, a culture, and a healthy habit. Only the skin concern and the beauty lover like you know the value of tanning. You always deserve an even and an actual tan. Your additional requirement is a darker finish.

Yes, without a darker glow, the total effort is out of value. A darker tan is not tricky, but a little bit challenging. You have to follow a couple of steps and methods to reach the expected goal.

For a darker tan, you will get a significant number of tips and suggestions. These numerous suggestions will puzzle you. You cannot take a specific decision, but never think you are in trouble.

I studied a lot to minimize your problem. Among the various rules, some are very effective but simple. I discovered the easiest and quick methods.

These are pretty workable too. So my simple advice to you- give up all the heavy-duty tips and techniques. You can only follow my discovered procedures.

The rules that I am going to unveil, these are granted from beauty and health experts. So without any confusion, you should rely on the following steps.

7 Secrets tips for a darker tanning result:

Number one-Moisture your skin:

For enough hydration, you need to drink plenty of water. Drinking water will increase your blood circulation. As a result, you can get expected tanning.

Moreover, it helps to enhance the melanin production.

Even you can use any special lotion to keep the proper moisturizer. Keep in mind, and a moisturized skin is more responsible for a deep tan.

Number two-remove your dead skin:

Your dead skin is a significant barrier for a deeper tan.

So before your tanning operation, remove the outer layer`s dead skin. You can apply exfoliating scrubs. This scrub eliminates the dull skin cell.

Number three- Warm-up your body:

Jogging can make your body warm. Even you can take a chill with beach volleyball.

Your warm heated body can give a better response in a tanning time. For a quick and more in-depth look, this practice is pretty important.

Number four- Bath on the sun:

To warm your body, sunbath is another new option. The concerning fact is about UV rays. So take UV protection spray or good quality sunscreen.

The sun rays are beneficial at a specific limit. So never spend a lot of time under the sun.

Number five- Special food:

You will be surprised that some foods can regulate your tanning condition. You may take a cup of green tea before tanning.

Tomatoes, green fruits also have a useful contribution. Even you can take a cup of milk.

Number six- Unveil your body:

The heavy clothes hamper the tanning operation. The solution cannot penetrate your body parts.

On the other hand, your cloth can be stained. To be naked and rub the answer on the entire body.

Number seven: Use sea water:

Yes! This home remedy is an excellent hack to get a healthy texture. Seawater can boost your skin tone, but the amount should be limited. Also, it helps to recover the dead cells and provides the ultimate moisture.

The above rules are enough for you. You never need to think about any further steps.  If you can adequately utilize my secret tips, you can expect a deep dark tan.

Things to be aware of:

Firstly, never use baby oil.

Secondly, never cross the time level. You can spend only a specific time under the heated sun. After that time, it will hamper your skin and entire body.

Thirdly, take eye protection.

Another important thing is still unopened in front of you. This is about a tanning product. Yes, for a deeper tan, a right tinning solution plays the most vital role.

The others play a supporting role. If you fail to apply the right solution, your all efforts will be vain. So I always tell the users – pick the right tan products.

At the bottom of my article, I displayed five the best tan solution.

1. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – Dark, 1 Liter

2. Spray Tan Solution (Dark) Self Tanning Micro Mist (16 oz) for Airbrush Tanning – Natural Sunless Solution, Body and Face

3. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – Competition Black Out, 8 fl.oz.

4. Norvell Premium Sunless Tanning Solution – Venetian Plus, 1 Liter

5. Self Tanning Liquid Solution Flawless by Fake Bake | Luxurious and Fast-Drying Solution that delivers a Beautiful Streak-Free Golden Glow | Black Coconut Scent | 6 fl oz

The above brands have a good reputation in the market. Depending on your demand, the manufacturers make these excellent products.

You can select any of them and make a gorgeous dark paint over your body layer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How helpful the tanning bed is?

A: Yes! Tanning is quite helpful to give your body a bronzy look. Also, it helps to seal several skin spots.

Moreover, an ideal tanning item comes with adequate moisture to recover the dryness.  

However, while applying it on the beach, you will get a rich amount of vitamin D! But do you know how harmful the sunrays are?

Yes! It can damage your cells, and causes severe skin cancer. That’s why using a tanning bed ensures you a couple of safety.

With this curial item you can bronze your body at home. This way you can ensure SPF protection and keeps your skin safe.

(No! I am not discouraging to expose your body under the sunrays. The condition is you must avoid too much rays. In this case, a tanning bed, sunscreen lotion, and a couple of serums are the essential hacks to block the UVA and UVB attack)

Q: Do the darker tan cause skin damage?

No! If you can select the perfect product based on your skin types. Make sure that your lotion has an adequate amount of moisture, high-rating SPF, and the solution is free from harsh chemicals.

That means using a bronzer on the effective ways to help to get the required grade of healthy skin tone.