25 Awesome Rose Water Benefits with Pro TIPS [2021] - Glamor and Glow

25 Awesome Rose Water Benefits with Pro TIPS [2021]

Awesome Rose Water Benefits with Pro TIPS

From the ancient period rose water is using for various purpose.

Especially it is applied to several beauty hacks. By using this, you will get some amazing benefits.

What is rose water?

This is prepared by distilling its petals through steaming. The concept comes from Iran and has been practised for a thousand years.

This content, we are going to share 23 exclusive benefits that you will get from rose water.  Also, we are going to share the most effective ways to utilize them correctly.

Advantages of rosewater for skin, hair and for beauty:

Maintaining pH Balance:

pH plays a big role in the human body.  The imbalance of pH (pH 4.5 – 6.2 is ideal) is not a good sign of the human body. It makes the body acidic.

Moreover, it leads to the growth of bacteria and resulting in acne, spots, and many other issues.

The overuse of facial cleaners, soaps, and low-quality cosmetics are the critical reasons for imbalanced pH.  To get back the average pH level rose water is an excellent solution.

Controls excess oil:

Oil is essential for the human body, but its excess level is quite harmful. Rosewater helps to control excess oil from your face and entire body.

It has mild acerbic properties that shrink your pores and removes all residual dirt.

You need a cotton pad, 1-2 tablespoon rose water.  Now, saturate the pad on the rose water.  Dab this pad onto your face.  (Before applying it clean your face).

Use it twice per day and continue it at least 2 to 3 months.  For more effective output apply five ml apple cider vinegar with this solution.

Rose water for cooking!

The use of rose water for cooking is a common trend in the Middle East, China, and India.  Now a day it becomes popular in Europe and Latin America.

The addition of rose water on food gives an extra flavour. You can use it on curry, Biryani and different types of dessert items. Also, you can use it on homemade ice cream.

Rose water tea:

Rose water tea is an energy drink and beneficial for our health. It helps to make a rapid loss of weight and makes your body slim body. Also, it is highly helpful for digesting problem.

The recipe is pretty easy. Boil the rose water, put the tea bag or leaves; and then drink this excellent herbal tea.

Remove redness:

To heal out from itchy patches, rose water with tulsi leaves is an excellent remedy.

Take two hundred ml pure rose water, ten to fifteen tulsi leaves and a spray bottle. Make a good mixture and pour it into the spray bottle.

Put it on the refrigerator at least 1 to 2 hours. Then spray it onto your affected areas.

Hopefully, you will get rid of redness and unbearable itching. Also, it minimizes the possibility of skin cancer. Even you can use it as a facial toner to heal from pimples and black spots. Finally, you will enjoy a charming feeling.  (Apply it once per week)

Proper moisture and hydration:

Every human body requires adequate hydration. For several reasons, your body becomes dry, especially, in the winter season.

As a result, your skin looks dull and ugly. To moisturize your skin, proper use of rose water is highly beneficial.

Pour 5 ml rose water into a bottle.  Also, add a little amount of apple cider vinegar.

Use it on your everyday bath. Its regular use will provide you with a magical result.  Your body will save from dryness by gaining adequate hydration!

(More advanced hacks: To get the ultra-effective glow over your face add two to three drops of glycerin and multani mitti on this solution)

Strengthens skin:

It maximizes blood circulation and generates new tissue cell. Also, it removes dry and dead cells, especially the solution is more beneficial for the sensitive skins.

Even to recover the oily skin issue, this solution gives you the incredible result!

This way, it enhances the skin and increases its brightness. Furthermore, it improves the disease-preventing capability.

(How to apply: Take a small cotton pad and pour a little amount of organic rose water solution. After that, rub it gently over your skin)

Rose water Pudding (Malabi):

Malabi is a traditional food that originated from the Middle East.  It is a particular type of pudding that is made of rose water with milk. It is pretty delicious and healthy food and famous all over the world.

The recipe is pretty easy. Within an hour you can make this yummy dessert.  You need:

  • Three cups milk
  • 5 ml rose water
  • 1 to 4 tablespoon sugar

Use on wounded areas:

If you ever severally wounded, you can use rose petal as a primary treatment. This is extremely effective.

Cause rose water has a great antibacterial property and an incredible capability to stop bleeding within a couple of minutes! As a result, you will get an instant cure. Also, it prevents infection.

Cure sore throats:

The rose syrup comes with the incredible benefits to heal from a bunch of disease!  For throat problem, most of the people take antibiotics. But it has a horrible side effect.

Excess uses of antibiotic cause kidney failure and many other diseases. That’s why it is better to avoid it.

In ancient Egypt, people drank rose water and rinse it to remove throat pain. You can follow this traditional trick.

Additionally, this organic remedy will improve your entire immune system.

It gives a quick result and magically cures the pain of throat. Moreover, there is no prospective side effect.

Urine infection:

Urine infection is a very irritating disease. Diuretic properties and Detox is the main culprit of this disease.

If you regularly drink rose water you can get rid of this horrible disease. Powerfully it removes the harmful bacteria from bladders.

Burned skin:

If your body badly burns- Make a paste of Rose petals and apply it on the affected areas. It gives an ultimate coldness that reduces that pain instantly. Also, it minimizes the possibility of further infection, because, it works as an excellent anti-inflammation solution.

For the quickest result, you can add a few amounts of honey. It will be more effective.

Reduce headaches:

For stress or pressure, you may feel headaches. In this case, you can take rose water vapor. It reduces the head pain quickly.

The vapor of rose water has a pleasant fragrance that delivers a pleasant feeling and incredible refreshment. Also, it is a marvelous treatment for a blocked nose.

Cures digesting problem:

Some people cannot digest their food. Also, they suffer from gastric and acidity.  Rosewater comes with an excellent digesting formula. It gives an awesome cure from gastric and acidity.

It will be more beneficial if you drink it on an empty stomach every day. Hopefully, within a couple of days later, you will get rid of the digesting issue.

Eliminates dirt and spot:

Spot on the face is an irritating matter for everyone. On the other hand, dirt is another common problem that demolishes our looks.  To remove the unwanted spot, rose water could be a superb solution!

Its regular use can properly eliminate the dark circles, gives an extra cleanness.  Finally, you will get an appealing look.

For the most expected output- Apply rose water spray over the face twice per day. Even you can use a cotton pad for scrubbing.  This solution can reach on the inner level of your skin and tremendously remove all dirt and oils.

Stop Aging:

Everyone prefers an appealing look. But unfortunately, at the age of 35 to 40; faces become less attractive and look older! For several causes, it may happen.

The key reason is the lack of nutrition.  To get back your diet again, rose water is incredible in performance.

It has a huge number of vitamins and minerals. Also, it contains an awesome anti-aging formula that gives your face a fantastic attraction with a younger look.

Awesome scent:

Perfume is an adorable material to the fashion concerned people. Also, it reflects your personality and status. Maximum time, we use artificial fragrances. These often contain toxic chemicals and costly too.

But I am suggesting you an excellent alternative. Instead of chemical items, you can use rose water as a natural perfume. It has an awesome pleasant fragrance.

It is quite easy to produce in your own home! And its preservation process is simple enough.  The coolest fact it has no potential side effect, and includes a rich amount of antibacterial properties.


Bath with rosewater (Only a few drops) can refresh your entire body and mind. (In a bucket of regular water add a certain amount of rose petals)

It has an impressive refreshing capability that removes the tiredness. To make sound health, take this rose bath once or twice per week.

Pro Tip: Never use warm water.

Sound sleep:

If you have a sleeping problem, the rose water spa could be the ultimate solution for you before going to bed.

It gives the skin cell a charming relaxation and joyful refreshment.  As a result, you can enjoy a sound sleep overnight.

Prevents hair fall and dandruff:

To get rid of dandruff is not a simple fact. Another awful matter is hair fall. But these two intolerable problems could be solved with a simple home remedy. Its key ingredient is rose water-based hair mask.

Yes, a certain amount of rose water, two to three drop lemon juice and aloe vera gel make a good mixture. Rub this paste over your scalp twice or thrice per week.

It provides adequate vitamins, minerals and nutritious.  Also, it contains a powerful anti-dandruff formula; resulting from your hair healthier and shiny.

Pro Tip: Before adding the paste, clean up your head properly

Removes the dark circle:

Dark spot makes a face very ugly. Rosewater could be an excellent solution for removing it.

Dark circle is the key factor that destroys our attractiveness. But removing these circles is an arduous job.

To solve this terrible problem, you can use rose water. It can powerfully eliminate the dark circles from your skin. Finally, you will get a clean fancy appearance.

Pro Tip: You can apply it through spray or cotton pad. But before using it, clean your face correctly.)

Eye rash:

Eye rash gives a horrific pain and intolerable itching. As eyes are too sensitive parts of our body, you cannot use any low-quality item for it.

In this case, rose water could be the safest solution. Washing with rose water can cure up the eye rash magically. It includes anti-bacterial formula and has a formidable coldness.

Remove borne and pimples:

A pimple is an annoying thing and removing is quite difficult.  The key reason for a pimple is for oiliness and lack of moisture. To reduce borne and pimple washes your face with rose water.

It will hydrate the skin and increases blood circulation. Also, it cleans the face properly.  Within 7 days you will get the result.  Even you can drink some rose water.

Make-up remover:

After the party, you must remove the makeup. But sometimes it becomes difficult. But the rose water solution can easily remove make-up.

Apply the rose water on your face with a spray bottle. It softens the makeup and foundation. Then rub it gently for 3 to 5 minutes.

Then wash your face with regular water. I noticed that it is one of the easiest and fastest ways to remove makeup.

Hair conditioner:

Usually, conditioner is used on the edge of hair. The purpose of using it to makes the hair silkier and removes the curliness. But its problem is you cannot use it on the scalp. (It can be a big fact for hair fall).

On the other hand, you can apply rose water as a great natural hair conditioner. Even it is usable on the scalp.

For glossy hair, it is highly effective and one of the cheapest solution. ( Cause, good quality conditioners are a bit expensive)


Rose water works as a great lip bum. Also, it removes the lips` stain and spots. Finally, you can make your lips a rosy pink look.

Add glycerin to get more effects and quick benefits. Use it twice per day. You will notice magical feedback within a couple of days.

Prevents insects from attack:

Some insects cannot tolerate a rose fragrance.  So you can use it against insects attack.  In a spray bottle, pour 5 to 7 ml rose water, you can add other elements too.

Spray it on the edge and corner of your home and furniture. Even you can directly shoot it over the insects.

Powerfully it will minimize the insect’s disturbance. Also, you will get a pleasant scent.

How can I make rose water at home?

The recipe is prey easy and completely a DIY process.  Follow the given step. Take distilled water mixture in a fresh pot, and 50 grams rose petal. Keep it under Sunlight for 3 to 4 days.

Finally, filter the solution for use.  Another advanced way is boiling the distilled water at a low temperature at 15 to 20 minutes.

Also, you can blend the petals by manually or with a blender.


The coolest fact is there are no potential side effects. Moreover, this solution is cheap enough and pretty available. That’s why instead of chemical items it could be the best option both for beauty as well as health.